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Versatile Paris God Bless Cola Perfume

Versatile Paris God Bless Cola Perfume


Versatile Paris perfume is made up of a mixture of vegetable oils (70%) and a perfume concentrate (30%):

  • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Spain): Sweet Almond vegetable oil, renowned for its moisturizing and soothing properties.
  • Perfume – Fragrance (Grasse): The name which brings together all the perfume concentrates but which is never revealed! Our perfume formula contains 29 natural (🌱) and synthetic (🔬) ingredients


🔬 Allyl Amyl Glycolate
Fruity: Pineapple, Fat

🌱 Pink Berries CO2 – India
Spicy: Peppery, Terpenic

🔬 Citral
Citrus: Verbena, Lemongrass

🌱 Lemon Essence – Italy
Citrus: Zesty, Citrusy

🌱 Limette Essence – Argentina
Citrus: Sparkling, Coke

🌱 Black Pepper Essence – India
Spicy: Hot, Fresh

🔬 Sulfurol
Woody: Sandalwood, Pecan


🔬 2 Acetyl Pyrazine
Balsamic: Popcorn, Grilled

🔬 Applelide
Musky: Apple, Green

🔬 Hexyl butyrate
Fruity: Buttery, Fat

🌱 Cinnamon Essence – Ceylon
Spicy: Cinnamique, Baumée

🔬 Floralozone
Floral: Marine, Anise

🔬 Furaneol
Balsamic: Caramel, Strawberry

🔬 Hedione
Floral: Jasmine, Watery

🔬 Methyl Brass 10
Woody: Coconut, Sandalwood

🌱 Popcorn Absolute – France
Balsamic: Popcorn, Wheat


Woody: Cedar, Iridescent

🌱 Virginia Cedar Essence – America
Woody: Pencil, Spicy

🔬 Ethyl Maltol
Pyrogenic Leather: Caramel, Grilled

🔬 Ethyl Vanillin
Balsamic: Vanilla, Caramel

🔬 Globalide
Musky: Powdery, Clean

🔬 Globanone
Musky: Sweet, Milky

🔬 Helvetolide
Musky: Floral, Red fruits

🌱 Labdanum Absolute – Spain
Amber: Balsamic, Resinous

🔬 Musk T
Musky: Floral, Blackberry

🌱 Sesame CO2 – France
Gourmet: Roasted, Peanut

Woody: Cedar, Amber

🌱 Black Vanilla Absolute – Madagascar
Balsamic: Honeyed, Spicy

🔬 Vanillin
Balsamic: Almond, Spicy

  • Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil (Italy): Wheat germ vegetable oil, renowned for its nourishing and softening properties.
  • Tocopherol (Spain) : Anti-oxidant derived from Vitamin E which serves to prevent rancidity of the oily base.
  • 6 allergens in small quantities (less than 0.1%). They are present in natural ones or are used alone, as synthetic notes.
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Perfume extract 15ml, concentrated at 30%

Cola. Popcorn. Sugar. Vanilla. Sparkling.
Addictive. Caramel. Warm. Gourmand.

This perfume smells good, it is original, genderless, vegan & alcohol-free.

A sensory and delicate gesture, a versatile fragrance that will evolve according to your skin

It’s not the size that matters: mini format, maxi concentrated. Where you want, when you want.

Free from alcohol, BHT/BHA, UV filters, dyes, CMR, additives

4 to 6 months *based on one to two applications/day*

Recyclable: Upcycled folding box made from corn residue / Glass bottle and roll-on ball / PE plastic cap and ball holder / Biosourced plastic tamper evident sticker
Biodegradable: Recycled paper labels

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