Reliquia Pearl’s Nest Necklace


Reliquia’s Pearl’s Nest necklace is 18k gold-filled featuring a beautiful white Keshi pearl and glass beads. This necklace is a statement piece and will complete any look from day to night. Pearls this season are one of the key trends. We recommend wearing it over a simple T-shirt or over a rollneck for the extra edgy look.

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18k gold-filled. Keshi Pearl. Glass beads. 



Reliquia is derived from the word relic and Spanish term for family heirloom.

Reliquia’s collection, debuting for Spring Summer 2015 is heavily inspired by vintage accessories- pieces you might borrow from your grandmother’s jewellery box and not take off for months to come.

Design-wise, each piece is bold and sculptural while retaining a fundamentally timeless quality. Art deco influences underlie the collection with strong geometric accents.

Made from high-quality metals and craftsmanship, Reliquia endeavors to create jewellery that develops an emotional relevance.