Black Crystal Moon Earrings Long


These Swarovski Crystal Moon Earrings are hand made in Lebanon by designer Elsa Osta. Elsa previously worked for Swarovski Atelier in Paris for many years before establishing her own brand Elsa O. We love Osta’s aesthetics that bring a fun element to her work, yet keeping an elegant touch with her designs. These Moon shaped earrings are brass plated and finished with black Swarovski Crystals. Perfect for special occasions or evening events, if you like to experiment with your style we recommend wearing these during the day with a tailored blazer and classic jeans to compliment an effortless style. Exclusively available in the UK at www.juliarouge.comĀ 




Long earrings with a pin made of plated brass base. Layered with black Swarovski stones
Weight: 2.0 g
Dimensions: 3 x 6 x 0,5 cm
Gemstone: Swarovski
Metal Type: Brass plated 0.2 micron


Elsa O.

From the rich souks of Beirut where jewellery is woven into the everyday fabric of life to the heirlooms found in the jewellery box of the designer's grandmother, each element of her upbringing is translated in her collections. Elsa O's work credentials were perfected at Swarovski Atelier in Paris where she relocated in 2012. We love how playful yet elegant Elsa O's jewellery are using Swarovski crystals.